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Roger McGough: Alive & Gigging

Roger McGough, the ‘living proof of himself,’ and President
of the Poetry Society not only helped kick-start the musical careers of Bob
Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, but inspired hundreds, if not thousands of young poets
(well, quite a few), on their poetic journeys.

Now 85 years old and at that awkward age between birth and
death, he puts on a brave face and takes to the stage with a show featuring new
poems as well as old favourites.

The new show takes audiences on a journey back to key
moments of his life. McGough reflects on his Liverpool childhood just before
World War II, with memories and poems including ‘The Full English’, ‘The
Overall Winner’ and ‘Learning to Read’. Memories of his mum and dad are told
through poems ‘The Railing’ and ‘What Does Your Father Do’, and some are a
throwback to the ’60s, reminiscing about The Beatles and Top of the Pops.

New verses have been added for ‘Lily the Pink’, a playful
update on the 1968 classic by The Scaffold. As well as laughs, there will be
poems about growing old. ‘A Joy to be Old’, ‘A Cure for Ageing’ and ‘Let me Die
an Old Man’s Death’ which aptly round off the new show.

We are delighted to welcome Roger back to The Helicon
following his sold-out show in 2019.