Creative Zone

Creative Zone

Our mission within the Creative Zone is to encourage people to explore the life and works of Seamus Heaney through the enjoyment of engaging arts and craft based activities, using Seamus Heaney’s work as a source of inspiration to fuel an imaginative response.

Seamus Heaney had a gift for taking the everyday ordinary, and creating something extraordinary through his use of words.

Have you heard of the saying, “a picture paints a thousands words”?  Well, we think that Seamus Heaney’s use of words paints pictures and lots of imagery emerges inviting a creative visual response.

So why not join us on a creative journey as we delve into Seamus Heaney’s word hoard to see what we can find? Let’s get creative!

November Workshops
Join us in the Creative Zone this November for some fun activities!

Acorn Plant Pot Workshop
Using cutting and sticking, participants will make a plant pot from recycled materials and decorate it with markers and paint before sowing an acorn seed into compost. Finally the children will create a label and attach a quote from Seamus Heaney. before taking the seeds home to grow. Age: 8 – 11 years. Book here

Bird Feeder Workshop
Join us in the Creative Zone to make your very own Bird Feeder! Inspired by ‘The Owl’ which was translated by Seamus Heaney from the Italian by Giovanni Pascoli (1855 – 1912), children will design and transform a used juice carton into a beautiful owl shaped bird feeder. Age: 8 – 11 years.  Book here

Parent and toddler sessions at HomePlace!

Join us for Room to Rhyme! This is our new, weekly half hour session in the Creative Zone for parents and children aged 0-4. Little ones will get the opportunity to interact with others, develop listening and language skills, and have fun!
Location: The Creative Zone at HomePlace
Date: Every Monday morning, starting Monday 1st November
Time: 10 – 10.30am
Price: Free
Due to high demand booking is required for these sessions. Book here.

At Home Activities

Click on the buttons below to find your activity, instructions and helpful photos.

Halloween Craft: Witches Face Garland

Click here to access the Witches template to help you create your very own Witches Face Garland. Click here to watch our video tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Witches Garland:

Green card: 1x A3 or 4x A4 sheets, Orange card: 1x A3 or 4x A4 sheets, Black card: 4 xA4 sheets, Googly eyes: 8, Pencil, Rubber, Ruler, Black Marker, Scissors, Stapler and staples, Glue Stick, String or ribbon, Cellotape.

Remember to share your Halloween crafts with us, you can email them directly here: Or send them to us on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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