Inspire your pupils with a school trip to Seamus Heaney HomePlace.

Bring your students for an adventure through the school curriculum, with Seamus Heaney’s poems to guide them through practical lessons in English, history and science.

We love welcoming young people on school trips to Seamus Heaney HomePlace. We’ve created an educational programme that takes the poetry of Seamus Heaney as its starting point, but will also take your pupils on a journey through living history, science and creative writing.

The education programme at Seamus Heaney HomePlace is where we use Heaney’s words to inspire the next generation to explore poetry, the world around them and their own creativity.

Our education team focuses on fun, practical activities that introduce young people to Seamus Heaney’s poetry through engaging, enjoyable and educational activities, which all take place in the exciting creative hub that is HomePlace.

For secondary, further and higher education students, we deliver creative writing programmes, lectures and panel discussions that are closely tied to examination assessment objectives.

If you’re planning a school trip or educational visit in Northern Ireland, or if you’re coming on an international school trip to Ireland, get in touch to plan the perfect itinerary for your curriculum.

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