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An Evening with Paul Muldoon

‘one of the era’s true originals’

Seamus Heaney

HomePlace is delighted to open our weekend
of commemorative events with a reading by Paul Muldoon. Paul last visited
HomePlace in 2018 and took part in our online season of events ‘Keeping Going’
in 2020.

Paul Muldoon’s first pamphlet, published in
1971, was entitled Knowing My Place.
Over 50 years on, his place has long been assured at the top table of
contemporary literature. Through collections like Moy Sand and Gravel (which won the Pulitzer Prize), Horse Latitudes and Quoof, Muldoon has emerged as one of the greatest living poets in
English, celebrated for his playful wit, his technical brilliance and the
freewheeling juxtaposition of image and ideas.