Churning Day

Churning Day


Travel back in time and learn how butter was made in a 1940s farmhouse. This workshop encourages historical enquiry through exploration and participation, with children getting the chance to churn their own butter and participate in a ‘taste test’ between real butter and margarine.

Learning Objectives

During this workshop children will:

  • hear the stories of the people and places which inspired Seamus Heaney during a ‘mini tour’ of our exhibition
  • discuss poetic techniques with a focus on onomatopoeia and similes
  • compare and contrast the lives of people in the 1940s and ours today

Churning Day workshop enables children to:

  • formulate, give and respond to guidance, directions and instructions
  • describe and talk about real experiences and imaginary situations and about people, places, events and artefacts
  • justify their responses logically, by inference, deduction and/or reference to evidence within the text
  • reconsider their initial response to texts in the light of insight and information which emerge subsequently from their reading
  • investigate change over time

Booking Information


Monday-Friday throughout year


£5 per pupil

Out & About Community Transport have suggested favourable rates, especially on Mondays and Fridays, may be available for schools in the Magherafelt District.

Contact 028 79300123 for more information.

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Seamus Heaney Home

An excellent experience- pitched perfectly which thoroughly engaged and enthused the pupils.

St Patrick’s PS, Mullanaskea

A fabulous day – pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience- the audio was brilliant

Edendork PS

The team were very engaging and supportive to the children. They made learning fun and meaningful. The children gained a lot from this experience

Magherafelt PS

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