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Special Exhibition: The Hedge School At Glanmore

From From Friday 10 February, HomePlace hosts a very special exhibition: The Hedge School At Glanmore.

In 1972 Seamus Heaney and his family moved from Belfast to a small cottage in Glanmore, Co. Wicklow. The move was designed to enable him to write full time and over the next four years he wrote some of his most significant work, including the well-known ‘Glanmore Sonnets’.

‘Glanmore truly was what I called it,’ Heaney recalled, ‘a “hedge school” in the literal sense. I gathered blackberries off the briars and ate them, as if I were back on the road to school. I even found a blackbird nest in the hedge at our gable.’

In 1976 the family moved to Dublin but, twelve years later, the opportunity arose to purchase the cottage and it became a retreat for writing and rest. The Redress of Poetry and the ‘Glanmore Revisited’ sequence in Seeing Things were written there, and the house provided space and inspiration for other poems.

This exhibition, curated by John Dunne, features manuscripts and typescripts of poems written in the cottage, revealing Heaney’s writing process from first draft to final printing. Also on display are a range of rare publications, from first editions and signed limited editions to broadside poems and contemporary reviews.

And don't miss a discussion on the importance of the cottage, and of Glanmore itself, to Seamus Heaney’s writing with John Dunne, Pat Brennan and Michael Kinsella making up the panel for the event on Saturday 11 February
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