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Step Into HomePlace...

Step into Seamus Heaney HomePlace and step into the world of the boy who drew his inspiration from this landscape and from these people.

Now this place – Seamus Heaney HomePlace - echoes his life, his literature and his legacy.

Journey through Seamus Heaney’s life and literature. View our film here and be inspired to visit.

Through his poetry, meet some of the people who inspired him and feature in his work: his mother, his father, his brother Hugh, his neighbour at The Forge, Barney Devlin, his neighbour Rosie Keenan, his wife, Marie, his children, Michael, Christopher and Catherine, his grandchildren and even Carlo, the family dog!

See and hear for yourself on our video wall and touch screens how he is remembered by his family and friends – and see and hear for yourself how his work and his friendship was valued by global and cultural figures.

Experience the place in which he was rooted and from which he drew his inspiration, whether as a child on the road to Anahorish School – his school bag and school desk are here! – or as an adult when he recognised that writing, not the farming of his father and grandfather, would be his vocation.

Step into an interpretation of Seamus Heaney’s attic study – at the top of his home in Dublin and now at the top of HomePlace - and view a film of the reaction to his award of the Nobel Prize in Literature...he was in Greece, unaware that he was the recipient of a great literary accolade and had joined the ranks of Ireland’s literary giants ‘for works of lyrical beauty and ethical depth, which exalt everyday miracles and the living past’.

His attic study was a room where Seamus Heaney opened his window onto Dublin Bay and onto the world.

In Seamus Heaney HomePlace, visitors can also open a window onto the words, rhythm and rhyme which have made Seamus Heaney the most widely published poet in the English language – and a literary phenomenon translated into multiple languages from Spanish to Japanese.

Be inspired as you visit the exhibition where children and adults alike can quite literally ‘put their thinking caps’ to experiment with words and play with puzzles and where everyone can add to our word wall, pin poems and drawings to share, and give a gold star to their favourite Seamus Heaney poem from Death of a Naturalist.