Marian Keyes in Conversation with Rick O’Shea

April 17, 2018

Marian Keyes and Rick O’Shea took to the stage last weekend and immediately launched into a warm and hilarious conversation around Marian’s path to becoming a bestselling author – the highs and lows. The event took place in The Helicon and sold out within minutes of going on sale.

Throughout the event Marian discussed her love of books and how she came to write, her opinions on the changing attitudes towards women in Ireland, her family life, her experiences with mental illness and last but not least her new found love for Aldi.

The audience laughed and roared as the responses to Rick’s questions revealed the authors chatty, whimsical humour and genuine honesty. Marian also discussed Seamus Heaney and urged the audience to read her favourite Seamus Heaney poem 'Limbo'. She described the shivers on her spine just thinking about it.

The questions then turned to the crowd as the audience asked for not only details on Marian’s writing processes but also details on her family showing that Marian Keyes is not only a bestselling author but a household name that her audience feel they have a deep and meaningful connection with.
This was only amplified by the audience’s final question… Marian pointed to an audience member and a softly spoke woman announced that she had no question at all, but that she wanted to thank Marian for her books, the experiences she has shared and urged her to continue writing and touching lives with her great work.

HomePlace would like to thank Marian Keyes, Rick O’Shea and management for a wonderful afternoon. Marian’s new book ‘the break’ is now on sale.

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