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Primary Education Programme

'Blackberry Picking'
Blackberry Picking has been created for Foundation Stage, KS1, KS2 and is fully accessible for Special Educational Needs. This programme is based on the theme of Seamus Heaney's poem, 'Blackberry Picking'.

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Foundation Stage
Special Educational Needs

Key stage 2

'A Kite for Aibhin'
"And now it hovers, tugs, veers, dives askew,
Lifts itself, goes with the wind until
It rises to loud cheers from us below.”

A programme featuring a close reading of Seamus Heaney’s poem ‘A Kite for Aibhín’, a discussion of how the poem pertains to basic tenets of physics (gravity, lift, drag), and the opportunity to make and decorate a kite, then undertake an outdoors ‘experiment’ to see how a longer tail affects its flight. Please contact us for further dates.
Programme Dates: Price per student:
29 April – 3rd May, 2019
1-3 May, 2019
6-10 May, 2019
13-17 May, 2019
'Churning Day'
"After the hot brewery of gland, cud and udder, 
cool porous earthenware fermented the buttermilk 
for churning day, when the hooped churn was scoured’"

A programme featuring a close reading of the poem ‘Churning Day’, followed by a discussion of how butter is made (traditionally vs. industrially), a demonstration, and the opportunity for pupils to make butter. Also includes a ‘taste test’ where pupils try toast with margarine, and toast with butter, and vote on which is which. Please contact us for further dates.

World Book Day
Thurs, 7 March, 2019

Join us on World Book Day at Seamus Heaney HomePlace for a special child-friendly adaptation of Jane Talbot's acclaimed storytelling show, The Wonder Tales! Hear tales of daring adventure and wild-hearted wonder, of faeries and headless horsemen…
'Beautiful and rich storytelling with a hint of vaudeville and sparks of magic.' 'Kooky and compelling.’  'All-round brilliant craic.' 'Glorious, beautiful, spellbinding work.’
Jane Talbot is an author (The Faerie Thorn and Other Stories), storyteller and theatre-maker.
There will be two performances, each lasting an hour. They will take place at 11am and 1pm on 7th March 2019.
£2 per child
Come along dressed up as your favourite book character and take away our special activity sheet to do back in the classroom!

World Poetry Day
Thurs, 21 March, 2019
Fri, 22 March, 2019               
To find out availability of a programme please email Roisin.Convery@midulstercouncil.org or call 028 7938 7444.