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Key Stage 4: GCSE Lecture Series

‘That fist would drop a hammer on a Catholic-
Oh yes, that kind of thing could start again;
The only Roman collar he tolerates
Smiles all round his sleek pint of porter.’

Docker by Seamus Heaney

This new lecture series for GCSE students explores the themes of identity (Anthology One), relationships (Anthology Two) and conflict (Anthology Three) as expressed through the three poems by Seamus Heaney which are included in the poetry anthologies currently on the curriculum.

‘The lecture was focused on key requirements for exam responses – a very helpful reinforcement for our GCSE pupils.’ (Teacher of GCSE English Literature).

Lectures will focus on helping students to:
  • Read and respond to the poems critically and imaginatively.
  • Use details from the poems to illustrate interpretations.
  • Explain and evaluate the ways in which the poets express meaning and achieve effects.
  • Make comparisons and explain links between poems.
  • Relate poems to their social, cultural and historical contexts.
Visiting the HomePlace exhibition is invaluable in aiding students to:
  • To relate poems to their social, cultural and historical contexts.
Lecture Date: Includes: Cost
Wed, 6 February, 2019 Lecture & Exhibition £6
Mon, 25 February, 2019 Lecture & Exhibition £6
Thurs, 7 February, 2019 Lecture only £3
Thurs 28 February, 2019 Lecture only £3

For further information and to book, contact Seamus Heaney HomePlace
Tel: 028 7938 7444
E: seamusheaneyhome@midulstercouncil.org