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Key Stage 3: Alphabets Creative Writing Programme

‘Of new calligraphy that felt like home.
The letters of this alphabet were trees.
The capitals were orchards in full bloom,
The lines of script like briars coiled in ditches.’

Alphabets by Seamus Heaney

From a small child’s wonder at the way letters are formed to an adult’s mastery of words, Alphabets is all about the power of language.

Inspired by Seamus Heaney’s poem, this one day creative writing programme for Key Stage 3 students will see them use modern media to devise their own typography, as well as to engage in their own Heaney-inspired writing.

The Alphabets KS3 programme helps students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills by:
  • Engaging with a range of stimuli (including poetry, media & peers) to enhance creativity and stimulate curiosity and imagination.
  • To develop and explore the use of language and imagery to convey and express meaning, feeling and viewpoints.

Please note that children should attend the workshop with their own iPad or

For further information and to book, contact Seamus Heaney HomePlace
Tel: 028 7938 7444
E: seamusheaneyhome@midulstercouncil.org